markersens madkunst

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My entire senior year of high school I studied abroad in the country of Denmark as an exchange student. I know, random. Among a focus in art and music I also learned the Danish language. (Which, to be honest, has mostly escaped me now.) Many years later my host-sister started her own catering business and hired me to design her logo and website. Her business name translated is Markersens Food Art — the brush stroke for the logo seemed obvious without being overtly literal. Because her operation is largely off-site, she depends on a strong online presence to inform her customers and prospective clientele with her delicious fare. In addition to developing a website that her staff could update themselves, I assisted in educating her business on utilizing social media as a mechanism for driving traffic to her website.

freelance project

  • logo design
  • identity integration
  • website design
  • blog and social media integration