extraordinary bark



In addition to the creative perk of designing, I am often tapped for developing a product’s story. My concept for this perennial holiday item was all about wordplay, both with the fanciful name and the type surrounding the entire package. This is a really great example of supplying the customer with a bonus discovery; while the tertiary copy is not necessary to decode the item’s properties, the additional element is a fun surprise.

My prose:

Dare we say this is an exercitation in the pairing  of many a dandy, not merely candy, a bark as no other bark could be conceived, nay, dreamed–as a dream within a dream–rampant with mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups, replete with pretzels… a divine concoction that no mere mortal could deny to try, one long road from ordinary, an extra step, an extra ingredient, no turn-by-turn instructions provided, a map to decadence, caramel popcorn, transcendence… throwing caution to the wind we collected this collection from no whim, each ingredient unto its own… a deliberate choice as dictated by the muse of taste, these words “extra” and “ordinary” do make for strange bedfellows as we meld this delight like one melds the prose of seemingly    infinite possibilities across a blank page–or if  you will, a  canvas of dark chocolate– we fearlessly let our brush fly over a palette of savory and sweet and crunchy and salty… a way of which to speak the heart on this timeless journey, teetering about the edge of olfactory bliss… we didn’t  add almonds, one doesn’t simply add almonds… we decisively crushed those almonds, this is the bark that demands the determination of destiny, proving of “extraordinary”, a steadied spin, a dreaming dream of mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups, pretzels, caramel popcorn and crushed almonds, there is no better adjective than these words: extraordinary bark of the finest collection.


  • printed cardboard, folded box, die-cut, emboss